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Role Of Women In Renewable Energy

The potential of the 21st century woman cannot be over emphasised. Such when properly channeled will greatly bring progress to renewable energy. Renewable energy has enormous impact in the livelihood of women.Foremost, the sector employs about 32% women, compared to 22% in the energy sector overall according to research in 2019 from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). While still a clear minority especially when administrative roles are excluded, it is an interesting venture for a sizeable number of women.To Strengthens the role of women in renewable energy, grassroot boxes such as better education, gender equity and other measures must be ticked.

Women must step up to take lead in the emerging wave of innovative energy be it in technical, leadership or entrepreneurial capacity

A rather interesting take was that of Ceceiski(2000) opening that “without the involvement of women in renewable energy, projects risked being inappropriate and failing” suggesting that women are gifted with the prowess of exceptional business/project management.

Renewable Energy would particularly serve women as a solution against;

Biomass cooking Energy Crisis– Women need renewable energy to address critical domestic needs. Women suffer more when access to energy is restricted- particularly when it comes to health, physical drudgery, Women need energy sources or household needs that is less labouring, more convenient and safer. The entire household fuel cycle needs to be taken, including not just improved stoves but kitchen and housing design, food preparation and processing, and improved technology overall.

Fuel scarcity– often time the country Nigeria is faced with fuel scarcity but renewable energy is a perfect solution against this problem

Health and Safety– a lot of hazard comes with using manual energy but with renewable energy health and safety is a core value less labor-using, more convenient, and safer.

Energy for micro enterprises – livelihoods and income; Women need renewable energy to improve profitability and safety in their energy-intensive micro enterprises, and to save labor. Improved biomass-burning and other stoves and commercial-size solar cookers, solar baking ovens, solar fruit and vegetable dryers, improved fish smokers and renewable energy-powered grain grinders and millers are some of the applications that have been made to women are food-processing activities. Solar hot water heaters, refrigeration systems and photovoltaic lighting for markets, hotels and restaurants, as well as for entertainment venues are also potential uses. Lighting can also be important for allowing women to be productive at any time of the day.

In conclusion, the world is counting on key stakeholders in the smart energy sector to bring more women into the energy industry and lift them through the ranks so they can light up our dark world.

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