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Harnessing Solar For Food Security

Food security is one of the major issues affecting developing countries because of factors like poverty, overpopulation, instability , insecurity etc ravaging the third world countries. Over seventy percent of the people affected by food insecurity are people in the rural area.

Since the advent of oil boom Nigeria has basically focused on oil drainage, the adverse effect is hunger, poverty and mono-economy. Nigeria is rich in agricultural production  like cash crop production, livestock, fishery and forestry. Agriculture is a great weapon against food insecurity and bringing solar energy to it will bring a great development into the country. With solar energy there would be an increase in productivity, increased exportation of agricultural produce, more profitability, it will save time/energy and also guide against lost that might come during planting, harvesting and post harvest.


Ways Solar Company can come in to ensure a stable and profitable production of food to ensure food security and eradication of poverty in Nigeria.

  • Solar Grid mill
  • Industrial Cold Storage
  • Solar Light
  • Using Solar to Power Irrigation and Preservation

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